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Build 5. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, that is unless you are Doc Jones. Here we are in the future and Dr.

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 review

Andrew Jones has addressed just about every issue I raised in that review. The Debut 2. Here are some quotes from the man himself defending the new version from the unwashed masses of internet audio jockeys. It can be argued that the tweeter level was a little subdued, particularly off axis due to the rather deep waveguide. Add to this listening with grille on, or if the speakers are not toed in, then it accounts for some listeners comments. This necessitated a new waveguide, so I took the opportunity to try and widen the directivity a little.

I also looked at the balance to the woofer, and raised the HF level a touch. It doesn't make the speaker sound bright as such, but it does open up the sound. Some people like it, some don't, so on average we have it about right!

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I changed it because it allowed me to smooth out the top end response of the woofer. While I have no doubt the changes were done with good intentions, nobody likes to make a stinker. Lets run through the process and see if the forum golden ears have a leg to stand on, or if time travel can bring budget speaker goodness to this time stream.

Grilling is still a priority for Jones, and after a recent visit to the local Best buy where I spotted to freshly mutilated Pioneer BS22's that had domes smashed, I have a new found respect for his reasoning.

These tweeter grills look very similar to the original Debut series, but either I'm getting better at taking these off, or it is much easier. Two light prys with a paper clip and they were off. Tweeter is a nice looking unit using a 1 inch textured cloth, and a fat rolled surround which helps with smoother low frequency extension, useful for lower crossover points. This will hopefully be a better match to the woofer, and open up the imaging with some useful early side wall reflections.

Here we can see this is not just a button magnet tweeter glued to a thin waveguide. This is a very large sold chunk of dense plastic expoxyed to a full size ceramic magnet - a proper tweeter with no backing magnet - there will be magnetic interference around the speakers, but almost nothing modern should have issues with this. The B5. The surround is still pretty stiff, and the "aramid fiber" cone is now a lighter shade of gray. Big change here is the dust cap, something the design really needed.

The prevous version had sound leaking through the oversized voicecoil vent and thin inverted dust cap.

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This cap is a kind of flexible, thin, maybe a little absorbent plasticy type material. So outside of helping the woofer properly disperse higher frequency sound, it also has the added benefit of avoiding nasty sounds leaking through from behind the woofer.

Motor and magnet structure still look good enough, and the stamped steal frame is really the only hint that this is a low priced driver. While many have poo pooed the aesthetic changes of the drivers in this speaker series, I find the changes to be mostly positive. Crossover is similar in size, but just based on the size of the components I can guess the crossover point is maybe a hair lower.

The air core inductors look a little larger, and one of the poly caps has been changed out for a pair of cheaper electrolytic. To make room for the bigger parts on the board the resistors have been swapped out for some with a vertical form factor. I've covered the downsides to this type of configuration many times, but I'll do it once more for the new visitors.The Elac Debut B6.

And so it transpires. While their looks are understated, and even sonically they refuse to beg for your affection, the Elac B6. It is hi-fi mentality at a price that only just nudges into the midrange. The Elac Debut 2. Protected by a shapely grille, that tweeter is much changed from the original Debut versions.

It is now a wide surround design with improved dispersion and a top-end response that extends to 35kHz, compared with the 20kHz limit Elac set before. The reflex port is the easiest difference to spot, having navigated its way to the front of the cabinet to aid placement of the speakers against a back wall. The work done to improve rigidity and bracing of the Debut 2. Everything about the B6. The bigger cabinets, aided by that sizeable reflex port, predictably offer a good deal extra weight to the bass response, compared with the Award-winning B5.

Tracks that reach to the depths of the frequency range will highlight the B6. This is an open and well-balanced frequency range, free to reach high into the treble and deliver ample bass without forcing any more than is comfortable. This is a punchy and rhythmic performance, for example, but with nothing thrown forward in the mix to suggest false enthusiasm. The Debut 2. Moreover, the B6. All components have a sweet spot, with trade-offs in expression the louder you go, but Elac has managed to avoid the life being sapped from its speakers when played at low volume.

Of course, these affectations can be useful for affordable speakers, particularly in terms of system matching. Having any component that is willing to take the reins and force its own character while rounding off any potentially offending edges means that you can take less care with how you pair it.

On the other hand, these Elacs will only limit anything too high up the food chain. Transparency is all you might ask of a piece of hi-fi equipment, but it comes at the cost of having to be careful just what it is showing up. But an amplifier such as the Marantz PM UK Edition would make a marvellous partner, and you could even upgrade to an amp such as the Cambridge Audio CXA61 without the immediate need for a new pair of speakers. The Elacs give you the flexibility to choose the character you like in the rest of the chain, while being careful not to throw things together unthinkingly.

The B6. If you want a faithful representation of what the rest of your system can do, the Elac Debut 2. Best stereo speakers Best budget hi-fi speakers Read our Elac Debut 5.

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elac b stock

Facebook Instagram Twitter.I thought. I have an Elac Miracord 40A turntable. In the halls, people were raving: "Did you hear Andrew Jones's new speaker? Nothing annoying jumped out to bite my ears. Imaging seemed competent. But I didn't feel that amazingness that everyone else seemed to feel. I found this intriguing.

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Usually, Jones smiles and jokes a lot. Now he paused, a serious quizzical expression on his face, and studied me closely. After a long silence, his smile reappeared. I learned that these speakers were conceived at Elac's new design center in southern California. I got the feeling that this is a reboot for the German company's operation in the US. How often does that happen? While I was researching the B6, I also saw other people's comments.

So the Elac Debut B6es are amazing, but not amazing enough for a place of honor in a genuine certified he-man audiophile system? Won't I be wasting my readers' time? I trudged on, and tried not to be distracted by praise that sounds sweet on the outside but kind of sour on the inside.

"B" Stock 1st Gen Debut B6 6.5" Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

The B6 isn't flashy: just a two-way speaker in an MDF box that's a little under 14" high. The drivers, also designed by Andrew Jones, are a 1" fabric-dome tweeter and a 6. The tweeter fires through a screen-like "deep-spheroid" waveguide, which is said to shape its dispersion pattern and, in the process, minimize cabinet diffraction. The woofer is reflex-loaded with a port that's flared at both ends. The specs for sensitivity and impedance are 87dB and 6 ohms, respectively.

All of my listening to the Elacs was done with their tweeters at or below the height of my ears in the listening position. Listening I listened to the Elac Debut B6es for days and weeks. The bass quality was surprising. The tonal character seemed right on. I listened to a lot of blues and zydeco.

The B6es could boogie and strut. I played records I hadn't played in years, and really dug them all. No matter what music I tried, I heard nothing obvious to complain about.

Yes, these vinyl-finished black boxes vibrated more than any other speaker cabinets I could recall, especially at high SPLs. I listened, mostly unsuccessfully, for the audible effects of those vibrations, but overall, I really enjoyed myself.

My critical faculties were ambushed by the Debut B6's good tone and easy-flowing musicality. Are the two models really that different in quality? Submitted by crenca on April 1, - am in my office. This rig sounds amazing. In fact, it sounds absurdly good for the price.

I want Andrew Jones' autograph I was very happy to see Herb addressing the extremely annoying "great speaker-for the price" and "it won't replace your audiophile speakers" comments. Second this!As a market, the budget loudspeaker sector is a hectic one at the best of times and most companies realise that to sit back on their laurels after a successful product launch is a bad move.

As a result, barely two years after the game-changing Debut range arrived, we now see the Debut 2. As with the original range, the man behind the new models is designer Andrew Jones. In the case of the Debut 2. In addition, two more subwoofers are recommended as perfect partners for the 2. In the case of the standmounts, floorstanders and centres, the smaller models use mm main drive units hence the B5.

Stylistically, there has been a small amount of change to the front baffle and the newbies are fractionally narrower and taller, but the family resemblance is clear.

A new convex dust cap is also fitted, which should offer a smoother roll-off at the top end and, thus, lower distortion. In addition, the bass port has moved from the rear to the front, allowing greater placement flexibility. A new tweeter waveguide promises to improve off-axis performance and the crossover has been changed slightly due to the new drive units, resulting in a crossover frequency reduction from 3kHz to 2.

As before, the choice of finishes is limited to black, but the ash vinyl looks to be a slight improvement over the austere brushed black of the older model. With the Debut B6. At the low end, bass is firm and timing is excellent — the little B6. I have heard some small speakers overshadow their strengths by trying to deliver bass beyond their reach, but ELAC has played safe here and the B6. Initially I have the speaker toed-in towards my listening position.

In this position it impresses from the start with its incredibly strong sense of central imagery. Vocalists really do project forth with quite astonishing realism and belie the diminutive stature of the cabinet producing the effect. Depth perspective behind the main action is also good, but the lateral image width seems somewhat narrow — as if everything has been crammed into a gap between the speakers. After an hour or so of listening like this, the urge to tinker takes over and, buoyed by the promise of better off-axis performance from the new drivers, I straighten up the stands so that the B6.

Re-starting the music results in the sound of my jaw dropping onto the notepad sat on my lap. Now the central image stability is as good as before, but suddenly a whole swathe of information appears to the left and right of the loudspeakers.

Not only is it initially a little difficult to reconcile the big sonic display coming from the small cabinets, but equally impressive is the focus offered within the sound.

elac b stock

A little of the fine depth perspective is sacrificed in this straight forward position, but the B6. The imagery is accompanied by a fine sense of detail across the midband, but the ELAC does have a slight tendency towards forwardness in this area. The downside, however, is that with less sympathetic material, it can very occasionally sound a little uncomfortable. With better recorded material, however, this aspect of the B6. It brings main vocalists right to the front of the soundstage and makes lead instruments sound vivid and lifelike.

At the top end, the changes to the tweeter have made the treble sweeter and more open. The B6. The 2. There is a very slight over exuberance to the midrange with some material, which means it needs to be carefully matched with the right amplification and source so as not to come across as too shouty. Get this right, though, and it really does sing its heart out and offers stunning stereo soundstaging for the money. Distributor: Hi-Fi Network Ltd.

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